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“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.” — Hippocrates, 375 BC

We are a general family practice in south-east Calgary, focusing on all forms of primary healthcare, ranging from minor ailments and illness to preventative medicine and complex-care management. 

Dr Adrian Anderton is the Medical Director for the clinic, and we focus on quality of life. In other words, we know that something may be affecting your quality of life right now but we’re also thinking of you 5, 10 and even 15 years from now… what could affect you later in life? What are your risks? How do we keep you out of hospital and ER, not just now but in the future?


So rather than give you a script and send you out the door, we prefer that you have regular contact with us for ‘preventative’ or rather 'early-detection' screening, which includes a regular check-up (complete physical) and maybe blood tests, a heart work-up, colon cancer screening, mammogram, pap smear, etc. depending on your age, current medical illness, as well as your family history.

However, we’ll treat whatever ailment brings you through our doors. We believe in quality medical care with a logical, practical, and individual approach to each patient, regardless of who you are, or where you come from... because no-one fits into a textbook.


Although we know much more about the human body than Da Vinci did, he and Hippocrates and countless others have always viewed the human body with awe, respect and intrigue, and treated patients as human beings rather than a collection of organs, blood vessels, nerves and bones.

Dr Anderton's approach is to "treat the patient, not the paper." We embrace technology and are avid fans of the future of bio-tech breakthroughs, but we also embrace "old-school" medicine, ie. getting to know you, talking to you, examining you thoroughly, and probably the most important of all.... spending time with you.

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